Unleash IoT Potential

Pipeline Network makes everything smarter by using embedded machine learning on our IoT wireless network. With smarter Internet of Things(“IoT”), we can make the world a better place for everyone.

Internet of Everything

Pipeline Network’s solutions are beneficial to every industry, enabled by our wireless Internet of Things network.

Edge Intelligence

Edge gateways in our Internet of Things network provides intelligence to embedded devices.


Device Management

Imagine managing millions of devices ranging from wireless sensors to pumps and heaters. It is no mean feat. We strive to let you focus on your business rather than having headaches managing these devices from firmware upgrade, battery monitoring, and ensuring data extraction to your system. 



Connectivity is not just about WiFi or LTE. With billions of new and more demanding type of devices need to be connected, the world needs a new type of network. Our Software Defined Radio-enabled network can provide low power for IoT devices or low latency for autonomous vehicles with guaranteed Service Level Availability.


Machine Learning

Our network enable Machine Learning computations especially Deep Learning to be done at the edge of the network or even on the device itself. This enables massive improvement on existing operations and creates new revenue channels for businesses.

Why Do You Need IoT?


Greater efficiency in operations or increase in yield, which lead to increase in profitability, can be achieved by using our intelligent IoT platform by granular understanding and control of your business operations.


Wastage and leakage in an operations will be identified and recommendations to mitigate or eliminate will be provided by our system. Pipeline Network will definitely make your operation greener.