IoT Network

Global intelligent network for IoT devices made possible by Pipeline Network




Just drag and drop input and output required and we take care of the rest.


Power users can use our REST API to do scripting to extend work needed.


We use military-grade end to end encryption between IoT and you.

Global coverage

Using our fleet of autonomous drones, we are able to provide universal coverage with WiFi and LPWAN.

perspective phone


Vehicle Telematics

We deliver value to TMS vendors and 3PL/4PL companies

We extend the standard geolocation data, where mainly revolves around Latitude and Longitude, to include data analytics. We provide contextual data for telematics which include Vehicle to Vehicle Communication and HD Mapping for autonomous vehicles. We also provide differential geolocation to provide sub meter acuracy for vehicle tracking.

One of our clients, Motion Technologies, is using our IoT platform to serve logistics companies in South East Asia. By using our 3D mapping data, Motion Technologies is testing autonomous fleet for heavy vehicles transporting cargos around Malaysia.

Industry 4.0 Communication

“Smart Factory” monitors the physical processes of the factory and make decentralized decisions

Industry 4.0, the fourth Industrial Revolution, is a hotly-discussed initiative for industrial and manufacturing technology of the future. The factory of the future will need to be smarter, enable greater flexibility in production, and deal with far higher demands on dynamism.

Due to the demands and the size and number of devices, the network will become so complex that manual administration will scarcely be possible. This means that networks will also need to become more intelligent so that they can monitor and optimize themselves without needing constant operator intervention. Pipeline Network can take care all of that headache for you.

Global IoT Sensor Network

Enabled by sensor fusion

The emerging Internet-of-Things (IoT) concept is considered to be the next technological revolution, one that realizes communication between many types of objects, machines and devices, and at an unprecedented scale. WSNs can be seen as the basic constituents of IoT because they can help users (humans or machines) to interact with their environment and react to real-world events. These WSNs are composed of nodes that are amalgamations of micro-electro-mechanical systems, wireless communications and digital electronics, and have the ability to sense their environment, perform computations and communicate. They are now ubiquitous and used in a plurality of application domains. WSNs are still domain specific and usually deployed to support a specific application.

Capitalise Pipeline Network's IoT network to benefit from sensor fusion database. Any parameter, anywhere, anytime.


Can you customise according the system to our needs?

Yes, we can! Contact us to discuss further about your project requirements. If you would like to build the system yourself and use our IoT network, you are welcome to read the documentation.

Do I need to buy any hardware?

Well, no. You can always choose any input or output paramaters needed for your project. If you would like to Bring Your Own Device, you can use our REST API to manage connections and data for the device.

How can I pay?

We accept all major currencies and credit cards as we are using Stripe. For large or corporate purchases, please do not hesitate to contact our team to discuss further about your unique requirements!

Do you have a contract?

You can choose on-demand model or contract model. A contract model comes with the discount but you will tied up for at least a year. Standard terms and conditions document can be found at the bottom of the page.


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